Sin Loong Peanut Factory

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In Raub there are 4 renowned peanut manufacturing factories, while this one factory named “Sheng Long” stood for 80 years plus in history, which is famous for its refined quality and crispy New Baal Peanut. The most famous peanuts here are 南乳咸香, 清香 and 花衣, which tourists take them as the best souvenirs.

This factory goes on as a small family-owned business, which it has come to the third generation already. They started with the purpose of only the grandma preparing peanuts for family consumption, until when the neighbourhood started visiting to buy their peanuts, then the demand started to escalate and thus becoming well-known with theirs news spreading around. But due to people found that palm oil has got good value and started planting them instead of peanuts, resulting in peanuts reductions, hence the supply of peanuts from China.

The peanuts are currently imported from China, Viet Nam and Cambodia, all in fine quality. Once they reach, the peanuts need to be exposed to sunlight for days to dry excessive water out. In olden times, the grandmother fried the peanuts with sand, now with machines, but she still persists in old methods, using brick kiln oven to burn woods until the heat is in appropriate stability then only can the peanuts be fried well. It takes 5 days to handle the full process from the mentioned process to packaging, and to soak the peanuts in water, drained dry in the sun for three days, then insert them into brick kiln oven for grilling for about one hour and a half, then cool the baked peanuts, and finally put them into package after going through attentive filtering.

What interesting is that all the workers are women, as they’ve got more leisure times to handle the adequate productions during normal days. During special seasons then only they increase the production like Lunar New Year, Mid-Autumn Festival or Ching Ming Festival.

Seeing them working hard under exposure of sun and hot oven revealed how there are stories behind everything as easy as the peeling of peanuts.


Address PT-7451, Simpang Kallang, 27600, Raub
Phone 093552467
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