Chai TouFu Factory

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There is this very famous 70 years old tofu wholesaler which goes by the name “Cai Tofu” in Raub, located at the oldest village in Raub, Bukit Koman which marked its presence for nearly a hundred years in history. Therefore, the owner is proud to typify his tofu as the taste of olden days, as the tofu has all the while from the beginning till now the never-changing taste.

It’s inevitable that you’ll somehow get worried of not being able to find the place, but bear no worries as the owner had set up indicators to his place that can be seen at almost everywhere. For those who travel with bus, they will need to walk a small distance as the bus cannot drive in due to the narrow roads, and it’s nice to take this a chance to enjoy the fine scenery of the countryside, making you feel calm and recall olden nostalgic times. Reached, you can see the crowd of customers surrounding the stall, indicating the thriving business. You might want to make appointment through phone before arriving here.

The owner, Cai, is very talkative. The tofu here is made using top-class soybeans imported from Canada, hence the aroma and soy flavour. Cai said that almost every tofu or “tofupok” served in Raub came from "Cai tofu", which is amazing! The crispy and stuffed golden fried “tofupok” is different from the usual ones we eat elsewhere, which it is indeed of top-class quality.

In addition to tofu, the other popular two are fresh soymilk and “tofupok”. Cai assured that they are all served fresh, with no addition of syrup and flavouring. Although what they produce here is traditional tofu, but Cai utilized also advanced equipment and technology to enhance the production and at the same time maintaining the quality.

It’s definitely a must to eat tofu in Raub, provided with such a representing one.


Address No. 121, Bukit Koman, 27600 Raub, Pahang
Phone 093553048
Business Hour Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday